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Healing Glaucoma

Naturally, Without Leaving Home...

Are you ready to do something more sophisticated than just taking a simple 'eye supplement'?

Our Functional Formulations™ are based on over 40 years of clinical experience on the forefront of Naturopathic Optometry.

They are made with care to avoid common contaminants like stearates found in most commercial capsules and tablets, phthalates found in many enteric supplements and pharmaceuticals, and gelatin which may harbor glyphosate according to the research of Dr. Stephanie Seneff at MIT.

Beyond this commitment to clean, our ingredients are the most concentrated and comprehensive available, so you get more healing from every capsule or drop... 

Start your Self Healing process with your first month of essential Healing Glaucoma remedies:

  • All-natural Neuro Eye Drops for specific neuroprotection, or OcuHeal Eye Drops for botanical and nutritional support of the whole eye support total eye health and comfort, including dry eye symptoms that are a frequent side effect of glaucoma medications. Apply them at least 5 minutes away from any other eye drops to avoid dilution.

  • OcuFlow Daytime and Bedtime are core formulas designed support healthy ocular fluid dynamics when elevated IOP is a concern in high tension glaucoma or ocular hypertension...

    Different formulas for day and night are essential because the endocrine regulation of eye pressure is controlled primarily by the adrenals during the day and by the pineal gland at night.

  • Eye pressure tends to be very different during the day and the night in Glaucoma compared to the normal diurnal pattern. Sleep quantity, quality, and posture are important factors. To learn more ways you can reduce your IOP while you sleep without drugs, we invite you to join us in our All Heal non-profit organization's Accelerated Self Healing (ASH) online community for access to all of our free courses, including our Healing Glaucoma course. The community also offers interaction with others like you as well as access to our open office hours.

  • Neuroprotect is a core formulation inspired to support retinal and brain health maintenance and restoration needs in normotensive and low pressure glaucoma. It also applies in other neurodegenerative processes like migraine and dementia that show similar damage to optic nerve fibers associated with excitotoxity... 

  • WholOmega (formerly NeurOmega) supplies DHA with phytoceramides from whole algae oil, plus other key fat soluble ingredients. DHA is the main fatty acid in the retina and the brain... Two capsules twice a day is an optimal loading dose for an oil change in the retina and brain, followed by an optimal maintenance dose of two capsules daily.

  • Neuroceramides support health and healing of the myelin sheath and optic nerve... Phytoceramides support restoration of functional losses from excitotoxicity...

  • Proteolytic enzyme formulations Clear the Way and Fibrolysis Factors support clearing and maintaining the outflow facility via Schlemm's Canal, while Lymph Flow clears the lymphatic drainage pathways from the eye that are often affected by issues emanating from the cervical, dental, or sinus areas.

  • There is a strong association between glaucoma and systemic patterns of chronic stress.

    Vocal frequency biofeedback with EVOX Perception Reframing, including Transgenerational Perception Reframing to clear familial patterns of epigenetic susceptibility is a vital component of Healing Glaucoma™. Stress Release is an additional consideration if the need is pronounced. 

  • Glaucoma is also strongly linked to immune dysregulation and autoimmunity.

    Immune Modulation reduces inflammatory tendencies related to hyperimmune states such as allergy and autoimmune conditions while strengthening immunity against pathogens.

  • Like other neurodegenerative conditions that show similar loss of function in the optic nerve fibers, such as Migraine and Alzheimer's, the primary category of key toxins that accumulates at a cellular level is excitotoxicity.

    Brain Cleanse supports improved sleep and opening of the glymph channels in the brain during sleep, while supporting detoxification of the retina which develops embryologically as brain tissue. Because we spend a third of our life sleeping, and the quality of that sleep is so important to processes of tissue cleansing and repair, Brain Cleanse is just one part of our Sleep Protocol.

  • To enhance tissue delivery of all the powerful healing ingredients and additional activation of all physiological healing pathways, we strongly recommend our Healing Tools Package, which includes a Life Ionizer 'Living Water' source that penetrates cells and tissues 10 times better than other filtered waters, and as a bare minimum, daily sessions with a Kloud PEMF mat... These cutting edge healing tools maximize your potential for recovery of visual field functions.

  • You are not in this alone. We are here to support and guide you every step of the way. Your eyes don't get sick on their own, and they need support from restored digestion, circulation, immunity, nerve and endocrine function to recover to their full potential. That's why we offer Accelerated Self Healing™ so we can help you can target your specific changing needs without having to leave home, while your Eye Care Professional monitors your progress.

  • When you need to add the power of whole body healing support, we'll design the program for you, and keep it up to date with your healing progress...

    Here are examples of visual field restoration our Accelerated Self Healing™ clients have achieved...

    Each person's situation is unique, and changes over time, so we design your program for your unique needs and in real time...

    In this first chart, the dark areas show areas of the retina with loss of visual function...

    The visual field on the right is less than one year after the one on the left...

    In between the two tests, this client completed two one-month programs of Accelerated Self Healing...

    In this second case study, the size of the bars in the graph show the amount of peripheral vision loss.

    Both eyes improved in less than 6 months between tests while engaged in Accelerated Self Healing™...

    The eye with greater vision loss regained nearly half of the vision lost over the preceding years...

    Nerve cells require more energy than other cells so they can produce effective signaling via action potentials. Mitochondrial dysfunction is associated with neurodegenerative conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, ALS, and Glaucoma.

    Retinal cells have the highest need for energy of any cells in the body.

    This makes vision particularly sensitive to mitochondrial dysfunction.

    Clearing inherited epigenetic interference with mitochondrial metabolism and supporting mitochondrial biogenesis, as well as stimulating mitochondrial metabolism with selected frequencies of red and infrared light photobiomodulation therapy are particularly helpful in maintaining and restoring the visual function of retinal ganglion cells that form the optic nerve.

    We are seeing restoration of more than half of the lost visual fields in some of our glaucoma clients after two or more months of Accelerated Self Healing™. We typically see about a year of reversal of aging and degeneration with one month in the program.

    Mitochondrial dysfunction is particularly associated with normal tension and low tension glaucoma, which account for the majority of glaucoma cases. Adequate mitochondrial function may also be partially responsible for the lack of vision loss prevalent in Ocular Hypertension.

    “This book is a great contribution to the emerging paradigm of 21st century vision care.

    It provides a thorough review of many healing modalities in order to help a person’s eye, body and soul heal the condition of glaucoma…

    A must for any patient or professional working with this condition.

    Dr. Swartwout is a pioneer in helping to regenerate our precious gift of sight.”

    - Marc Grossman, O.D., L.Ac., co-author of Greater Vision and co-author of Natural Eye Care

    Healing Glaucoma cover

    Feedback from a reader:

    "Proved to be Useful..."

    “I purchased this book for my mother who has been suffering from glaucoma in her right eye for years.

    It was not until recently, when her optometrist failed to prescribe eye drops that would control her pain and fluid in her eye that she saw another optometrist, who told her the eye drops that she had been taking for a year was full of steroids and antibiotics that actually contributed to more eye damage.

    Not wanting her to use any more damaging eye drops, I searched for books that could help.

    I am very pleased that I came across this one, it not only tells you what you should take for glaucoma, but why and specifically what part of the eye it helps heal.

    I was shocked to discover that steroids deplete the body of vitamin C, this made a lot of sense since my mother has had improvements with her pain by only taking vitamin C.

    This book not only proved to be useful for my mother but myself as well with the book's information on the many vitamins, minerals, and herbs that help heal the body.

    I highly recommend this book.” Kate

    The Vision chapter in "The Bible of Alternative Medicine" features Dr. Glen Swartwout's groundbreaking work with natural healing of Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, Cataracts, Dry Eye and other vision challenges.

    Deepak Chopra, M.D. says of this 1136 page encyclopedia: "If you are interested in Alternative Medicine of any kind and want the security of authenticity in this field, you'd better get Alternative Medicine: The Definitive Guide." 

    When you implement the recommended Healing Tools Package for your home or office, so you can maximize your daily progress at Accelerated Self Healing™, you can request a signed copy while supplies last...

    My fellow Dartmouth graduate and mentor, Julian Whitaker, M.D., whom I observed at Whitaker Wellness Institute, America's largest alternative medicine practice, says "This book could save your life." 

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